You have a website but you lack a good Google positioning.

If you are looking to appear in the first results of Google due to web positioning, first we conduct a study of your page. We analyze the internal structure of your site: friendly url, titles, load times, meta descriptions and more.
Next we study how your potential clients look for you and we design an internal and external positioning strategy, to improve your search engine ranking by keywords and scaling positions. To do this, we make, on the website, those improvements that allow your website to comply with Google standards. In turn we organize a link building campaign, according to your niche market and needs.
If we identify problems that do not meet minimum quality standards, we would advise you not to invest in SEO and start the project of a new page, created from scratch, to optimize your investment.


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Positioning without web page

Even if you have a website, if Google doesn’t see you, the world won’t see you.

We study what your potential customers are looking for, so we will know how to structure the page and start working on web positioning, from the zero minute. We make monthly reports or meetings to validate the data obtained in the conversions, to readjust the mechanics and optimize the campaigns. Our experience supports us with real and demonstrable successes, converted into visits and sales for our clients.

We are an experienced team in the development of advertising campaigns for Google Adwords and face-to-face campaigns.Online advertising, offered by the main search engines, is the best way to be visible in the first results. Focusing on a budget, we make campaigns, ads with keywords and ad groups, so that your business appears quickly. When a user has a need, enter those keywords and the ads appear. Once the web is loaded, the payment of the ad is made. Statistically, what we are doing over time is gradually polishing it, reducing the cost of keywords, improving visits and increasing conversions. For this reason we usually ask to use Google Adwords for a minimum of 2 months, to evaluate that Adwords is ideal for your business and to constantly improve the Return on Investment in advertising.

SEM design and redesign

In Lausengier we review and re-design campaigns in SEM, reducing the cost, improving the results and obtaining a valuable benefit for the client. To do this, we plan it in four main sections:

Web analysis

  • Website review.
  • Usability analysis.
  • URL analysis.
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Analysis of calls to action.

Market analysis

  • We identify the pay-per-click (PPC) strategy that is most interesting to your needs and conduct a competitive analysis.


Strategy and ad creation

  • Creation of an advertising strategy.
  • Geographic strategy.
  • Establishment of bids per click.
  • Writing and editing of ad categories.
  • Creation of ad groups that group them by categories.
  • Creation and selection of ads that point to your landing page.
  • Selection of keywords and negative words.
  • Conversion tracking for the measurement of the Return on Investment.

Review and maintenance

  • Ad creation is insufficient. To optimize the money invested, you have to keep track of the advertising created to constantly improve the results. Conversions, keywords, negative words, clicks, CTRs are reviewed, and we discard the ads that convert less, for better ones. Always, in a continuous wheel, to improve the conversion results.