LAUSENGIER plans the mobility of the city in a comprehensive way, together with all the agents involved and taking into account the different means of private and collective transport, travel on foot, the use of bicycles and parking, as well as well as its environmental impacts.

How we do?

Mobility modernization (Smart Cities)

We design and evaluate the effect of vehicle traffic due to the implementation of ITS, IoT or other devices on road infrastructure in order to absorb increases in demand or improve service quality and decision making.


Business mobility plans (PMSP)

Sustainable Mobility Plans for Government, Public Entities and Business Personnel (PMSP) are a management tool to make the mobility of workers and visitors more sustainable and safe. Under current air quality improvement legislation, companies with more than 100 own or external employees must have one (PMSP). These plans are drawn up through a methodological process that consists of: diagnosis of mobility, proposals for improvement, implementation program and monitoring of the Plan. The main objectives of the PMSP are: to boost sustainable mobility, save energy consumption, increase road safety and increase productivity and competitiveness.


Mobility master plans

They are the instruments that guarantee the coordinated development of mobility management strategies at a regional level. A model of sustainable mobility is advocated, with a transversal character that integrates the different disciplines that act on mobility, with the aim of guaranteeing the basic accessibility to all the people and that collaborates in the principle of facilitating the equality of opportunities for all citizens.


Urban mobility plans and private mobility studies

It is a first-rate tool for improving the quality of life in our cities; essential to be able to plan a territory with quality, and not only from the point of view of mobility, but also from the environmental, urban, social and economic point of view.

We draw up private mobility plans for new urban sectors and activities, whether commercial, tertiary, industrial, logistical, healthcare and / or any type of event, so that the infrastructures and public transport have the optimal service capacity so that they are technical and economically viable.


Road impact

We assess the effect on vehicle traffic due to changes in road infrastructure or increases in demand.

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