Lausengier is your best partner in technological innovation.

Lausengier was born in 2000 to provide services to large Internet portals and became a pioneer in the implementation of wireless Internet (WiFi) and virtual private network (VPN) solutions in Europe.

Our purpose

We are currently a group of people who enjoy innovating through technology; built on a work environment that fosters a sense of teamwork and the development of individual talent. We work to make it easy to create and implement technology innovation projects. Accompanying organizations in their initiatives, and being leaders in the latest trends.

People and Leadership

We want to move towards a more connected and global world that makes life easier for people with the latest disruptions: blockchain, big data, Artificial Intelligence, mobility, IoT, 5G and what’s to come.

We can offer you the services of some of the best professionals from the five continents in their field. Under close coordination and involved in your project. Our innovation factory is able to accompany and cover any initiative or need of your company.

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